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Possessing the best car diagnostic tool wtith efficient and effective car diagnostic software, our car diagnotic test on your vehicle yields remarkable results!

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You can count on us for the most basic and the most complicated vehicle diagnostics challenges. From the check engine light that refuses to clear to other developing faults in your car, modern or classic.

We take pride in our team of car electrical specialists with the requisite training and experience, together with state-of-the-are car diagnostic tool embedded with up to date car diagnostic software.

Our job is not just about plugging in our computer to your car. We are experts are deciphering car fault codes, and not just to the triggering problem, but we can dive deep to the root cause.

We are all about ensuring durability and comfort as you use your car.

Car Fault Codes

Modern cars at this time are a lot more complex than ever, with an assortment of electronics and gadgets. There are occasions where these devices go wrong or develop faults and require an expert to diagnose the problem. These diagnostic methods for modern cars can be split into two categories:

  • live/active data analysis (taking measurements of variables like voltage, amperage, fuel trim)
  • scan tool/equipment (an auto electronic or computerized device that transmits with engine modules)

Diagnostics is a way of detecting what the problem in an automobile’s engine or transmission system could be. This is done by using controls and sensors to decide whether or not the fault is coming from one particular system, such as the transmission or engine, and then reacts by making appropriate changes to the settings. There are different diagnostic procedures for different automobiles and it is based on their year, model and type (example; cars, movers or trucks). Data analytics is essential when detecting electrical issues such as engine misfires. This entails the use of a scan equipment to record signals from controllers, sensors, and other computerized or electronic components in the car’s computer system at varying speeds for proof of malfunction or breakdown in performance. These are similar tests to those used on electronic components of aircrafts during flight. Our auto electricians are well equipped to handle this with expertise.

Automobile diagnostics and tuning is a sophisticated process that is carried out by our professional technicians. Diagnostic procedures are specific for cars, movers, or trucks and it depends on the variation of electrical or electronic systems that require repair. The electrical and electronic systems in trucks are very different from those of cars because they are a lot more complex. Electrical systems of trucks usually provide power to the entire vehicle and its attachments such as air conditioning, the refrigeration units, winches, garbage compactors etc.

We are well skilled in taking care of all UK vehicle models such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Ford or Audi, Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat.

We offer diagnostic testing and tuning services for:

  • those cars with electronic engine management systems (EMS)
  • vintage cars without an EMS system
  • diesel engine mover trucks that have electrical or electronic injection systems

Modern cars possess a more complicated electrical system than older versions of cars which make detecting problems a lot more difficult in the absence of specialist knowledge. Modern automobiles are basically electrical and use an engine controlled by a computer.

There is a large increase in modern cars in the number of

  • car engine sensors
  • chip controllers
  • moving actuators
  • microprocessors for the ABS braking systems
  • electronic controls for a number of other subsystems like the air
  • conditioning, fuel injection systems and ignition timing.

Modern cars have various electrical and electronic modules which include

  • the air conditioning
  • the vehicle power supply system
  • the climate control electronics
  • the on-board computer.

Modern cars are created to function on their own with little to no human interference but when there is some sort of problem then we need to diagnose. In detecting issues with the automobile’s engine, the automobile’s electronic control component provides the first line of defense. Information is gathered by the computer through sensors and controls to conclude whether or not there has been a fault in one particular system, namely the engine or transmission, and responds by making proper changes to the settings.

Once an electrical problem has been diagnosed by our auto electricians using sophisticated diagnostic tools, they will be able to commence on making repairs to your vehicle at an efficient speed.

  • The air conditioning system diagnostics for the vehicle requires a number of tests, which includes checking the pressure for refrigerant leakage and flow of air through the condenser.
  • Defect of electrical parts like lights, turn signal flashers or the windshield wipers. Checking for these faults requires a number of tests like checking for the voltage and resistance readings.
  • Diagnosing the connections on the compressor clutch electrical connector.
  • Taking measurements of the resistance across connectors on the compressor clutch solenoid valve (an electrically controlled electromagnet is called a solenoid).
  • Checking for defective electrical parts like lights, turn signal flashers or windshield wipers; these malfunctions can be detected with several diagnostic procedures which includes voltage measurements and resistivity checks.
  • Diagnosing warning light issues from the engine like ABS brakes system failure diagnosis for instance.

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