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For the best auto repair services at competitive pricing. Our car electrics work is always executed in line with industry standards and manufacturer guidelines.

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It’s the new age. Technology has changed everything, the world of automobile repairs inclusive. It’s goodbye to the times of thrashing instead of fixing. You should take advantage of this. Call us the next time you need an expert for replacement, installation or just a minor fixing. Everything that borders on automobile electricals and appliances. We’ve got you covered. We’ve got the technology too.

We are the choice brand for everything auto electrics in Manchester. Beyond the rich expertise and skilled hands that our brand is known for, we are also your mobile auto electrician in our work. Our vehicle electrical services are a click closer than you think. You don’t need to search far and wide to find us. We would find you.

Our services are multi-branched. Our team comprises of professionals who are vast in knowledge and expertise: car electrics, campervan electrics, motorhome electrics,

You make the call, we make the move. Feel free to use any contact means of your choice. A contact form, a phone call, you pick. One technician sent to your home is capable of restoring your car to its better version. You’re a happy, we are happy, it’s a win-win relationship. This is the goal. Life is simple, we make it stay so.

Certified and trained technicians

We understand the complexity of the new automobile products and gadgets of these times. Therefore, we have made provisions for the best hands in the industry that are knowledgeable and capable to handle them.

20+ years experience

We pride ourselves in our team of technicians with over 20 years of professional experience. Each expert on our team are specialists in their respective fields.

Satisfaction guaranteed on every project

This is the goal the minute you step into our facility or vice versa. Your satisfaction is our sole objective. You’re happy, we are happy.

We go everywhere

Our scope of service is beyond a single client or just the small location in the city of Manchester. We also serve corporate bodies and individuals across the county. Call us from anywhere, refer us to anyone. We respond promptly. You won’t be disappointed.

Car Diagnostics. Car Tuning.

Modern Car Diagnostics

The modern car is built with an On-board diagnostics system (OBD2 port) from which data can be extracted through sensors within the car. Such data can be used to track and measure the vehicle’s performance. As your Manchester Auto-electricians, we have state-of-the-art OBD2 scanners with which we make accurate auto-diagnostics. Diagnostics is not just plugging and reading of data from the scanner. Our auto electricians can interpret such data to solve auto problems as indicated by error codes, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and root cause faults.

Modern Car Tuning

Car tuning is one of the many magic of the auto-mechanics that work closely with us. Your car’s functionalities can be tripled overnight with a simple engine tuning procedure. We have the resources to make that happen. Call us now to give your car a higher purpose.

Engine Warning Light Diagnostics

The next time your engine light starts flickering, it’s an indicator that something is wrong. There is no need to fret, you just give us a call. It must have been triggered by failure codes from fuel injection sensors, faulty ignition, engine misfiring, or and a host of other things. You leave us to do the fixing, and in no time, go back to having your nice car

Dashboard Warning Light Diagnostics

When you turn on the ignition of your car, you are greeted with a couple of lighted symbols appearing on your dashboard. This is normal. What’s not normal is that they stay up while the engine is in use. This is a warning and it should be taken seriously. Faults from the wiper, oil pressure, battery charge, temperature warning, tyre pressure, and many other sensors are reported through those lights. Count on us to resolve such auto-faults that could have made your dashboard lights refuse to go off.

Non-starting Car Diagnostics

What could be more frustrating than a car whose ignition is not responding? Schedules suffer, appointments are delayed, and even money can be lost in the process. With Manchester auto-electrician, that would never be the case again. We know how to fix this. Call us today.

Engine Management Systems Tuning

Thanks to technology, the things you can make out of your car are totally amazing. This for example. Your car’s engine control unit (ECU) can be adjusted for an optimized performance and further bolster degrading engine power. We are experts in engine management systems tuning. Let’s fix it for you.

Classic Car Diagnostics

For some of us that drive classic, antique automobiles, there is the downside of not having an in-built diagnostic system (OBD2) like the new car products. No sensors. No signal cables. Less electronic parts. This isn’t a problem with us. We have the technology and expertise to carry out perfect diagnostic on such cars. We have done in times past. We still do.

Classic Car Tuning

Classic cars have equal chances of enjoying an optimized engine performance like their new generation automobiles. From the kick starter coil, alternator, distributor, and a couple of other electrical components, they can all be tuned for better performance. We know what to do. Give this your expert Manchester car specialists the opportunity to tune your classic cars.

Air Conditioning Diagnostics

When it comes to a faulty air conditioning system, we understand the inconveniences it may cause you. Common problems include faulty hoses, failed switch, problems associated with the control module, blower motor resistor, blend door or solenoid and so on. Call us for your air conditioning diagnostics. We have the expertise. Reach out to us for proper auto-care.


Battery Service

Our car battery servicing includes inspection of battery cables, battery testing (including the car battery drain test), cleaning and changing of corroded parts etc. All of these are done to protect the alternator and generally maintain the battery’s performance. Call our car electrical specialists today to keep your battery’s lifespan on point or when dealing with car battery discharge issues.

Air Conditioning Service

Wear and tear is real. It happens to the best of equipment. When your O-rings and hoses wear out, and the refrigerant volume reduces, it’s important you call an expert to check what’s happening. The onus is on the technician to advise servicing, replacement of bad parts, and disinfection of the evaporator, cabin filter replacement etc. You also need to schedule for regular checking of your air conditioner. This will save you from emergency repair expenses. Call us for such service today.

Car Electric Window Service

For regular servicing of your car’s electric window, book a schedule with our technicians today. Why should you do this? Because these gadgets don’t talk when they are about to go kaput. However, through consistent servicing, you would be notified by our technicians when these parts are giving signs of damage. Although this servicing is usually performed during biennial vehicle checkup, it’s not out-of-place to have a dedicated servicing time just for your car window.

Car Window Control Unit Service

The control unit determines the performance and efficiency of the car window. When dust gather at this spot, it encourages corrosion and other damaging elements. This is why you need to place us on retainer when it comes to your automobile care. Call our line today. Let’s talk about it.

Power Window Service

The power window button is very easy to use. It’s a no-brainer activity. Just press the button. Parts like this are liable to often be neglected during general car servicing, because it works ten-out-of-ten times whenever you press it. To ensure you keep enjoying that stress-free pressing that commands your windows to wind up and down, book for a power window servicing today. Press those number buttons on your phone. Give us a call today.

Soft Top / Folding Roof Service

If you drive a convertible, then you aware of the mechanical parts that make the folding of the car roof possible. What you may not know is that these parts need fixed servicing times to clean the panels, lubricating the moving parts (Drive mechanisms) for optimum gliding movements. Make that call today. Book for a servicing session now.

Car Electrical Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

The car’s air conditioning system looks simple on the outside, but it is susceptible to regular faults. We offer repair services for any problems of the air conditioning system. We also advise our clients on where to acquire the best air conditioning parts for new installation or repairs. We can perform all these role nonetheless. In case you’ve noticed your car’s air conditioner is getting weak, it’s time you make that call. See contact below.

Car Alternator Repair

The car’s alternator is an indispensable part of the car. You’d also agree to this. Its work at the engine area is what boosts electric supply in the car. However, it may be rendered ineffective by little faults that would require a coil rewinding or total rebuild of the alternator. Now you can say goodbye to such issues. At Manchester Auto Repair Services, our technicians will give your car’s alternator a new life. But first, make that call. You can find the contact down on this page.

Starter Motor Repair

Just as the alternator, diagnostic error code interpretation may uncover faults in the starter motor. This may require coil rewinding, rebuilding or complete replacement and re-installation. We are your electrical mechanic well set up to undertake all your auto electrical repair work.

Car Lighting Repair

The car’s lighting is one of the ways motorists communicate. Brake lights, turn signals, headlights, dash lights, are all forms of messages that motorists pass to each other every day. A bad light means there is no communication. For pedestrians, road users, and the car owner itself. Call us for a fixing when you notice a dim light, flickering light or a total black out. Once we diagnose the cause of the problem, the rest is history as they say. Usually, following a paintless dent repair, there may be need for car lighting repair.

Soft Top Repair. Folding Roof Repair

Convertibles are cool. You feel fly when driving a convertible. What happens when the convertible suddenly stops retracting? Don’t think further. The hydraulic or electrical system just encountered a problem. Call us for such repair. It costs less than imagine.

Car Alarm Repair

For an entire overhauling or review of your car’s security system, count on us to make the necessary repairs and reconfiguration. If there is a need for replacements, trust us to do the needful.

Vehicle Security System Repair

Repair is required when car security system is not working as intended. And this may require replacing components or reconfiguring system. Rely on us for your repair services. Call our car electrical specialists today.

ECU Repair

Judging from past diagnostics, it’s been observed that when the car engine light stays on, then the ECU needs attention. Other signs of an urgent ECU repair operation include engine misfiring, car engine not starting, reduced car performance etc. The ECU is short for Engine control unit. Want to find out how we could claim to know this? Visit us today. Call us for your ECU repair and routine maintenance. Find address and number below this page.

Car Electric Window Repair

The next time your car window is not retracting or coming up, don’t force it open. It’s most likely due to a motor fuse error, or some wiring gone-wrong, a weak electric motor or a faulty driving mechanism. Count on us also for your rear window heater repair. Call your “auto-electrician near me”.

Car Window Control Unit Repair

A faulty control panel will rub off on your car’s window control unit. Let’s take care of this for you. It costs less than your worry about it. Make that call. Auto-electrician Manchester to the rescue!

Power Window Repair

Power windows took a lot of stress off car users because it doesn’t require the energetic winding like in classic cars. A problem with the power window is like a blast from the past. Nobody wants to experience such again. Let’s take care of it for you. Call the number at the top of this page.


Car Alarm Installation

Car security can never be overemphasized. That’s why alarms and other anti-theft measures are employed to guard against car burglary and other form of thefts. With the alarm system we would install in your car, your car security just received a big boost. Our prices competitive, plus the work is done according to your specifications by car alarm specialists.

Vehicle Security System Installation

A complete vehicle security system comprises of immobilizers to secure the starter motor, ignition, fuel pump, thereby making it impossible for a thief to access. In addition, this security system features an alarm as additional defense layer. There is also the option of controlling these features through a remote control. Guess who can help you fix your vehicle security system? You got it!

Vehicle Bluetooth Installation

Given advances in modern technology, “if you can think it, then it can be done”. We are able to re-install the modern Bluetooth, upgrade or modify your vehicle safely and without any adverse impact to accommodate one. It is not a show-stopper if your vehicle has abprovision for an inbuilt Bluetooth system or not. Why will you drive without a handsfree system today? Please call us.

Key Programming

How about we let you in on something here? Your car has this part known as a transponder key, also called a remote key fob. This key can’t be duplicated without a good knowledge of programming. This is because it’s within a complex electronic system that also houses the car’s lock, an important security feature. So, the gist is that we have technicians who can such programming to better your car’s security. Call us today, let’s tell you how it works. Your “auto electrician near me” is truly near you to get the job done.

Immobilizer Programming

An integrated immobilizer is what enables your car to respond to the right key. It transmits codes to the car through the ignition system, and by this prevents your car from starting unless the right key is inserted into the ignition. The immobilizer also ensures that the car’s doors can be opened unless with the right key. All of these measures further makes your car less vulnerable to auto theft. We can help integrate an immobilizer in few moments. Call us today.

Handsfree Car Kit Installation

Hands-free as it commonly called was created to give more free time to the use of your hands. What could be more needed in a car where you do a lot of things with your hands and legs? A hands-free car kit. Let’s install one for your today.

Vehicle Dash Cam Installation

One of the many benefits of driving with a Dash cam is that it saves you from paying for unnecessary road law penalties. Besides that, it makes you a better driver. To purchase and install your next dash cams, give us a call. We would help you select the best according to your budget. You can trust that such installation will meet your insurance requirements. We would also install the necessary things like the OBD cable, hardwired with battery pack, cigarette lighter socket where the dash cam will be connected to.

Rear Facing Camera Installation

While the dash cam shows what’s ahead, the rear facing camera shows you what’s coming behind you. This combination is what makes driving safer and also guarantees the safety of other road users. For clients who don’t have this device pre-installed in their car, we help them make the best purchase choices. This installation is done in connection with existing electrical configuration of the car. Let’s just take care of it for you.

Mirror Reverse Camera Installation

Like the name reveals, this camera is what helps you do a smooth reverse so you don’t bump other cars or hit an unnoticed gallop. The rear view mirrors may not just be sufficient sometimes. For a seamless installation, contact us to get your mirror reverse camera installed today.

Dash Cam Fitting Service

If you want a quick fix for your newly purchased dash cam, call us now. Our technician will be at your location in a matter of minutes. Trust that the work will be clean, fast and worthy of more referral.

GPS Tracking System Installation

Do you wish to know your car’s location per second? Sure! The GPS or vehicle tracker can do that for you. First, you need skilled hands to buy a quality tracker, then you also need them to configure the tracker and set up the hard wire installations. The latter requires an expertise that we have in form of human resources with generous years of experiences in their field. Let’s take this off the list for you.

Parts Replacement

Parking Sensors Replacement
  • Front parking sensor replacement
  • Reverse parking sensor replacement
  • Parking sensor radar system replacement
Battery Replacement
  • Lead acid battery replacement
  • Calcium battery replacement
  • Silver battery replacement
  • AGM battery replacement
Blade fuses replacement
  • Blade fuses replacement
  • Glass fuses replacement
  • Mini blade fuses replacement
Car Light Bulb Replacement
  • Car LED bulbs replacement
  • Car Xenon High Intensity Discharge bulbs replacement
  • Car halogen bulbs replacement

Car Appliance Replacement

Starter Motor Replacement
  • Starter motor replacement
  • Starter solenoid replacement
  • Starter gear replacement
Alarm System Replacement and Upgrade
  • Vehicle tracker replacement
  • Remote start system replacement
  • Car alarm replacement
  • GPS tracker replacement
  • Car immobilizer replacement
Car Entertainment System and Upgrade
  • FM transmitter replacement
  • In-car DVD player replacement
  • Car speaker replacement
  • Car subwoofer and amplifier replacement
  • Smartphone receiver replacement
Car Audio, Car Stereo Replacement and Upgrade
  • Bluetooth system replacement
  • Car stereo replacement
  • Digital media receiver replacement
Handsfree Car Kit Replacement 
  • Bluetooth FM transmitter replacement
  • Bluetooth car speakerphone replacement
Head Screens Replacement
  • Head Up Display Replacement

Mobile Car Electrician Manchester

It is necessary we take precautions while our mobile car electricians go about their work to prevent short circuits. We can also take precautions in car electrical installation for other reasons which include the possibility of the car having a computer system or other electronic parts which could be affected by sudden electrical power surges

  • We usually take steps to ensure that there aren’t any wires around or near where we will need to access inside the car.
  • We also ensure we decouple the battery from the car.
  • We take extra care to not tamper with any other electrical connections and move the vehicle some metres away from anything with wiring such as the garage door opener or car alarm.
  • We never let a tool or equipment lie around carelessly to prevent someone from tripping over and hurting themselves. We also wear safety glasses at all times while hammering metal parts.
Car electrical system not charging battery
Car wiring problems, corrosion on cables or connectors (which can be caused by moisture), broken connector terminals that need replacing
Car Loses Power Then Comes Back: This could indicate a problem with the alternator, which is typically an expensive fix. You should take your car in for diagnostic testing as soon as possible to determine what’s going on and how much it will cost you to get everything fixed. If there are no other warning lights coming up then this sounds like a good time to have some routine maintenance done at the same time.

What causes a car’s electrical system to suddenly stop working?

There are many factors which may cause sudden loss of power including dirty or clogged fuel injectors, faulty air filters/spark plugs etc. Your vehicle electrical mechanic should have all these things checked out before diagnosis so nothing else goes wrong. A sudden loss of power in the vehicle could be attributed to an ignition coil failure. It is also possible that faulty wiring may have caused a short-circuit or blown fuse. If there are any signs of smoke near the engine compartment then it would be wise to stop driving your car immediately before serious damage occurs! This question has many answers and they all depend on what exactly happened in terms of how the car was being driven or handled. For example if there was heavy rain that caused water to seep into the car wiring, this would cause sudden problems with electricity going out as well- but not always! There could be any number of issues from something simple like leaving lights turned on without having anything plugged in, to more serious faults such as someone tampering with wires.

We are car electrical specialists. Contact us for very competitive car electrical service pricing.

Common Questions

See some common questions and answers below, or call us at 0161-524-7700.

What is the job of an auto electrician?

Auto electricians are expert professionals who are trained in the science of the electrical and electronics components of an automobile. Their training also covers diagnostics of faults in an automobile and possible remedial solutions. They are trained on how to use electrical and computer-based devices to discharge such services. They also are versatile in the service, repair and installation of electrical and electronic devices in automobiles such as cars, trailers, caravans, trucks, vans and agricultural equipment.

What causes electrical problems in a car?

There are tons of explanation as to electrical problems in a car. The most common causes are faulty wires (wire damaged due to corrosion, melting, etc.), blown fuse, short-circuit, a dying battery, stuck relay switches, and a bad alternator. Any auto electrician worth its onions, has gone through the requisite training which will enable him to detect these problems and proffer appropriate solutions.

What tools do auto electricians use?

Some common tools are:

  • Wire crimping tool.
  • Wire stripper tool
  • Hardware set
  • Circuit Tester
  • Programmer Monitor
  • Professional code reader
  • Digital multi-meter
  • Test light

How much do auto electricians charge?

There is no single answer for this. It’s a relative pricing system that depends on the type of the service rendered. Auto electricians do more than repairs. They do servicing, installations, diagnostics and a host of other things. As such, pricing varies widely. However, Auto electricians in Manchester, you can be sure of quality service at pocket-friendly prices.

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