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When carrying out car electrical repairs, our auto electricians consider the reason for the car’s electrical component malfunction, then apply their experience to identify which part requires repair. Usually the faults we expect are:

  • a faulty battery, worn out alternator belt or lax alternator pulley.
  • wiring that has been shorted out due to corrosion at the electrical component terminals and joints of the car.
  • a faulty or blown fuse in a car electrical circuit panel.
  • broken or cut wire in the coil pack area that connects to the ECU (engine control computer).

Air Conditioning System Repair

Repairs to the car’s air conditioner may be required due to a condenser malfunction, compressor fault or misbehaviour of the evaporator unit. Our experts conduct fixes on these units by looking over our multimeter to see if the wiring is connected properly and in good condition, and then ascertaining that there’s power going to the unit. The three major parts of a vehicle’s AC that may require repairs are: the compressor, the condenser or the evaporator. Our auto electricians have grounded experience on fixing vehicle AC systems or heating and cooling units. The first thing we do when repairing this system is to identify the main fault, which can be located in the vehicle’s electrical circuit. Electrical malfunctions could very well be a blown fuse or a beat wire. In this scenario, an electrician can handle it by locating and repairing whatever caused the issue, with repair procedures like reattaching broken wires by welding them or installing new fuses where necessary.

Car Alternator Repair

In a bid to detect the problem with the alternator, we will first find out if it faltered due to a bad regulator or a shorted diode. To repair this, we can either substitute the diode with a better one or fix the regulator with a bridge rectifier. We carry out repairs on a vehicle alternator by making use of our multimeter to check voltage input or output from the battery of the vehicle. If these checks are standard, we will substitute the voltage regulator with a better one. If a fault is found in one of these parts, it can be fixed using electrical component/parts repair services from your vehicle’s automotive or mechanical electrician.

ECU Repair

A malfunctioning ECU could be a result of beat circuits or poor connections, probably due to an inoperative switch or car wiring strap. The popular five major causes of ECU failure are

  • Dead Batteries
  • Corrosions
  • Low Voltages
  • Bad Jump Startings
  • Bad Starters

We determine if the malfunction is present in this unit using a state-of-the-art diagnostic test. Since the vehicle’s engine computer is in charge of regulating and monitoring all of its operations, any malfunction from it may cause problems with other electrical parts as well. When the ECU works well, it enables fuel to get into the engine through the injectors in the appropriate amount and quantity. When bad, the ECU not only affects the engine, but it also generates problems with the car’s lighting system.

Electric Window and Electric Roof Repair

When carrying out electric window repair for cars, we check the extra fuse for the circuit within the car’s fuse box. This will enable us to take out and replace it with a new, unutilized fuse. If this action does not fix the fault, we perform total fault identification by gradual isolation within the circuit.
Regarding malfunctioning electrical roof control, faults could come from a bad or fragmented switch or a resistor pack in the electrical circuit of the vehicle.

Alarm System Repair

In repairing alarm systems, we first take a critical look to see if there has been a wrong disconnection and reconnection, then also check for loose or detached wires and terminals. We also take a look at the programming logic to see if it requires reconfiguring.

– Car electric window repair: one must open the spare fuse for that circuit inside of the electrical component box of the vehicle.

Vehicle Security System Repair

Normally the Vehicle Security Systems will need an modern diagnostic test from the ECU before the location of the fault is determined. This fault could be as minute as a detached wire to the starter or the driver’s door lock. We need to keep the vehicle’s engine running for this sort of repair. We will look at the alarm light and ensure that it is off, and then proceed to removing any loose or detached wires from terminals. If the problem continues then we would check for bad ground or base connections.

GPS Tracking System Repair

GPS tracking system repair fixes three major faults: absence of power, we need to leave the car running for this sort of malfunction; the vehicle’s engine is not running; and presence of loose or detached wires in the terminals. Focusing on the particular problem is our specialty. Our job appears easy if you watch us while we work, but that is testament to the wealth of great knowledge, expertise and experience we possess.

If you are in need of an expert or experienced hands to help with carrying out car electrical repairs on any part or component of your vehicle that has faltered due to faulty wiring, reach out to us today

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